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Case I
We think the approach how the interviewer raises questions and what the questions plays vital role in the candidate selection. We evaluate the candidates generally from two aspects: those are hard skills and soft skills. We define the hard skills as that they are professional knowledge and capabilities and we usually start from going through the resumes to check their skills step by step. While in our definition, the soft skills include leadership, team spirit, tolerance of pressure, communication ability and so on. To check the soft skills, we will ask some open questions, rather than closed questions requiring “yes” or “no” answers. For example, the questions we will ask are like: 1. how did you deal with your disputes among your subordinate members? (Ask them to give me an example) 2. There are often disputes between marketing managers and other departments, especially the human resources department, did you encounter such disputes before, and how did you deal with it? (Ask them to describe the situation for me). These questions will be very effective in checking the candidate's leadership, team work spirit and communication skills, etc. No matter it is hard skills question or the soft skills question, we will try to ask the candidates to give us an example which works well in checking if they have the real capability of this kind. 

Case II

We will also require the candidates to do the assignments to evaluate candidates’ writing ability, communication ability and presentation ability. For instance, we usually require candidates to do a demo presentation of the targeted company’s products. In this way, we are able to check whether candidates prepared for the interview and if they really have motivation to join the company. We will ask them to make the Powerpoint presentation in PC and check their PPT software application ability. The key point we will check is if they could do the presentation in a very clear and logical way to promote the product in the prescribed time. Their perception to the audience's and interactive and communication skills with audience appear very important here. We usually use one assignment to check the multi-capabilities of candidates.